About Me

Me Myself and My Nail Art

Hi all,

My name is Sruthi and i live in New Jersey.

I started this blog mainly for two reasons

First and foremost thing is my love for nail Art. I am not a professional. Lot of people inspire me in doing it and i want to inspire at least 0.1% of people who watch my blog.

Secondly for the people who bite their nails. I have seen couple of  people who feed on their nails literally.

They may do it in Stress or excitement, or in times of boredom and inactivity. I have no clue why they do it.

It seems nails that have been groomed and polished will slow down the urge to bite. It might have something to do with the sudden improvement in appearance of the nails.

All i wanna say to those people is stop the urge in bitting your nails and have the urge in doing wonderful nail art coz kamsamnida nail art is something you cant resist.

If you like any of my designs please share it on your facebook or tell to your friends so that it helps me to get my blog out there. Also please check out my youtube channel by clicking the youtube icon on the home page and do subscribe if you like what you see.


(*Thank you in korea) and i am not korean.

p.s Nail art Rocks.


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